Monday, May 25, 2020

Finishing the planking

I put off making choices for planking.  Previously I have always used a plywood initial sheathing to define the surface shape and provide a substructure for bonding exterior thin planks; it works well with developable surfaces.  I had some marine plywood on hand.  Also had some  mahogany planks left over from my last build, but there was a reason they were left over.  The planks had flaws; they were the rejects.  This new boat is somewhat of an experiment; didn't want to invest too much in materials; so I used those rejects.  And I have been reminded how important it is to keep focused and not compromise at any step.  Later on it catches up with you.

Now I am doing extra sanding and using fairing putty to make up for those inferior materials used.  Next time I will spend more time and money to produce high quality planking at the very beginning.  Even the garboard would be better with solid planking than the altered four-ply plywood I used.  I would also omit two of the intermediate stringers in the frame work; they have not added much to define the build.  A stringer at the initial chine and at the sheer would be enough framework. 


Getting to the final touches.  Need to finish all the trim, build some seating, and create oars.


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