Sunday, June 20, 2010

Interior Details

Sometimes you can be working diligently on the boat, and progress seems slow. This is one of those times. I want to put the deck on ( a big visual change), but first I needed to consider everything under the deck while access was good. So I have been working on the instrument panel, floor boards, seats, and interior finish. Also placed reinforcements in the frame where deck cleats, chocks, and bimini supports will be positioned later. One photo shows the deck plywood panels resting in place. Those will be bonded and stapled (temporary), then a layer of cypress will be added, then 6 oz. fiberglass. And then it will get painted. I know that the cypress wood grain is beautiful, but this is Colorado, and the sun's intensity would vaporize that varnish. I think I have selected paint colors. I have made an engine selection; expect to use hydraulic steering because of its compact installation; and need to select gauges for the instrument panel. I am debating a couple alternatives for the windshield design; I'll be making some mockups to help visualize the effect.