Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Design Becomes a Reality

I have already posted on the design of this boat, so I will skip that subject other than to mention that my initial "plan' consists of tables of computed offsets in an X,Y,Z three-dimensional framework. I am having computer issues with importing photos, so they will get posted a little later.

1. First job was to convert those dimensions into full-size patterns for all the frames and the curved keel forefoot. I used stiff rosin paper for the patterns, the largest pattern is about 36" by 68". The offsets only define the outline of each part; thus, each frame was then drawn as a series of boards with joining angles and gussets. A horizontal reference line was drawn at the same level for each frame; this was used to align them all vertically when mounted on the strongback. The centerline can be used to align them horizontally.

2. With full-size patterns it is relatively easy to build the actual frames, all 14 of them. An outboard engine is to be contained in a semi-well which intersects with three frames, so those internal details had to be included in the frame designs.

3. A strongback was built with vertical support posts attached at each frame position. The frames were sequentially clamped in place using a laser beam to align them. Then longitudinal components, starting with the keel, were bonded in place. I really was anxious to get the engine well fit and bonded in place. Being integrated with the deck, hull bottom, transom, and three frames and structurally important to transmit the power of the engine its fit was critical.