Saturday, July 09, 2016

Beautiful boats of Scandinavia

1)  Oslo, Norway,  A Viking Longship recovered from a grave site.  2) Bergen, Norway, Square-rigger for tourist trips.  3)  Sigtuna, Sweden,  Twin 36' sailboats for father and son.  4) Stockholm, Sweden,  The Vasa, the King's pride, sunk in 1628 at launching.  5) Stockholm, Sweden,  A beautiful wooden cruiser locking through.  6) Helsinki, Finland, a traditional schooner in the Baltic. 7) Stockholm harbor, Hyundai race boat. 8) Helsinki, Finland, a harbor passenger ferry. 9) Helsinki harbor, a cute little wooden runabout,  10) Klaipeda, Lithuania, a square-rigged restaurant.

Scandinavia has such beautiful boating locations; on a warm day, the boats are everywhere.