Friday, October 11, 2013

Now for the accessories

The basic hull is now almost finished; just need to add some varnish on a few trim pieces.  The deck hardware is installed.  Next I want to install a fixed fuel tank under the front seat.  I had originally planned to put the fuel tank on the hull midline, but have been unable to find a fill hose either flexible enough or with the proper curve to extend from the tank, under the seat, then up the cockpit side to a stainless steel fuel fill cap to be mounted in the side deck.  So I will shift the tank about 10" to the port (left) side to provide a short, straight path for the fill hose.  Then I will offset the battery installation to the other side of the hull to maintain balance.  From here on it will be a process of adding items: bilge pump, gauges, steering, throttle control, engine, windshield frame, upholstered seats, flotation foam, and bimini top.  But, for some of these items, I need to get the hull out of the shop and onto a trailer.  The clearance to get the hull out of the shop door is about 1/2".  I plan to add a chrome strip along the sheer line, but it will add about 3/4" to the hull beam, so that will also wait until the hull is out of the shop.  Another associated task will be to move the previous boat off the trailer.  Anyone have a trailer I can use temporarily?

A new 75 HP Evinrude outboard has been ordered, and I have arranged for a nearby authorized Evinrude technician to install it.  I shopped across the country on the internet until I found a "deal", saving at least

$2000 below what it would cost to simply buy locally.  Of course, Colorado is a backwater to all things nautical, so such efforts may not be necessary in more lake & ocean blessed parts of the country.  It is all part of the fun of building your own boat.