Sunday, December 19, 2010

Out of the Shop

I had planned on using beer and thirsty friends to get the boat out of the shop and onto a trailer, but then a I reconsidered the logistics of getting six friends here at the same time with late fall weather cooperating, and devised a new plan on the first warm day. As when I previously turned the hull over, I suspended ratcheting tie-down straps from the ceiling beams and lifted the boat up off its building cradle. Then I moved a small cart under the center of the hull and lowered the boat onto the padded cart. I backed the 8' wide trailer up to the 6' wide shop door; pushed the hull out the door, rolling on its cart, until about 8' of the hull was out the door and on the trailer; then simply finished winching the hull onto the trailer.

Crowley Marine was ready to install the engine, steering gear, engine controls, and wiring, and they recommended a canvas shop for the travel cover and bimini. So, in a short period of time, the boat is now basically ready for the water. Of course, there are always more finishing projects. I need to (1) reinforce the deck underside where the bimini fittings are fastened; (2) place flotation foam in the bow and stern; (3) touch up the cetol finish in spots along the sheer where it was disturbed when the sheer strip was placed. After pricing simple custom upholstery for the plywood-framed cockpit seats, I found that I could purchase quality standard bucket seats for less than half the price. I should get the seats in the next two weeks.

But with winter's snow in our yard and the ski slopes beckoning, that will all wait until warmer weather.