Saturday, July 29, 2017

Getting ready to build

I have been making full-size patterns for a new boat.  The appropriate name would be "Design Nine".  You could call it lofting, but to me it is just a matter of plotting coordinates and connecting the dots.  The design is the same as the model shown in the previous post.  The only change has been to increase the deadrise angle to 14 degrees.  Full size patterns allow me to hone in on internal details, such as the exact construction of each frame.  I have in mind a new hull sheathing approach using more solid wood planking and less plywood which I would like to try.  My current boat performs well, and we have been doing a lot of traveling, so progress on a "next boat" will be slow.  I want to take more time on each piece rather than pushing to put everything together.  Building a hull is relatively inexpensive; when you add a motor, trailer, electrical; control system, upholstery and canvas, then you have a real investment.

This project is on indefinite hold while I pursue a simpler row boat design.